Challenges are what makes life interesting…

This quote right here is exactly what I needed to read right now, more than anything.

So yeah this year hasn’t gone how I’ve wanted it at all and I know that is hands down my own fault, well not completely as I did change jobs just as a pandemic hit but I’d say it’s 90% my own fault.

I have hands down just been in an unmotivated depressive slump and I feel worse now than I ever did before I started running and I officially hate my life.

Whilst this is probably not the platform where I should be saying this, I want to come back in a years time (or 2, or 5, or whatever) and know that this was the turning point, the point where I decided it was just not enough and I had to do something.

For now I’m not going to go any further than saying I need to fix myself and then fix everything else, so that’s what I’m working on and after a good look at a really good fucking year for me, 2019, I know what I need to do.

Firstly I need a challenge and secondly way to get to that challenge (thirdly traveling seems to make me happy but that’s probably unlikely this year). Overall something that I can realistic look at and go yeah I think I can do that and well it’s me so after a delightful couple of days in a YouTube rabbit hole, it was a runner aiming for the Barkley Marathon who made a comment about a race they did, which in turn got us looking it up, then we found we could do it in tandem and it was like wow that’s cool.

It took me less than 24 hours to go, “shall we?” and so it was decided because I think I’m mad (we’re mad) and my sister puts up with me (A LOT).

So yep, we’ve decided we’re going to attempt the Coast to Coast race in New Zealand because we’re mad! Neither of us know how to kayak let alone know how to do that much stuff in such a short amount of time but as the saying says, “if it was easy everyone would do it.”

We’ve got a lot of time from now till when we think we’ll be doing it, 4 or 5 years, hopefully 4 as we’d like to re-do Disney for my 40th, Jesus I’m getting old and yes one day I’ll put the race reports up!

The first hurdle is getting myself mentally back in a place where I’m slightly happy. Thankfully our last (unless something scary happens) lockdown ends on Monday which means I’ll be back at work and going to do my weight lifting and also starting to get an action plan back up as I’ve not forgotten the Ironman for my 40th either, that’s still going to go ahead and I’ve got to train for that but being out of lockdown, whilst it’s been nice having time will massively help mentally.

So soon I’ll be Busy, busy, busy, I’m hoping though that I’ll be using this place a bit more, I want to put up my training weeks and see how I’m doing and progressing, I still want 2021 to be my year, I want to finish this year better than 2020.

Hello 2021

No description available.

Golly 2020 hey, what a year, sometimes I’m amazed that even with everything that’s gone on that I’ve managed to come out at the other end with just about all my marbles, but boy has it been hard!

2021 is going to be a great year whether it wants to be or not, this year I want to hit my goals and come out of 2021 better than what I entered it, as such I’ve got to make goals to aim for.


First and foremost I want to get back into running, strange but true I really miss it. Never thought I’d say that. As I’ve been away for so long and put on so much weight I think starting with couch to 5k again is the best. Hopefully my running legs will catch up with me and I’ll be running before I know it, if I am then I’m going to add in the goal of running 500miles or if I’m super lucky actually managing 1000miles. To be honest I’d just be happy with running again.

Aim – run 500miles
Mega aim – run 1000miles


Secondly I’m wanting to get cycling a lot more regularly, Joey put a wee bit of a spanner in the works when it comes to cycling as I was at the point that I was cycling in and out of work a couple of times a a week (kinda 22mile round trip) and I wanted to continue this throughout winter. As it is I don’t think I’ve been cycling at all since Joey had his accident and I need to sort that out, even if it is on the turbo trainer. Plus I love McIntyre and really want to get using him again.

Aim – cycle 1000miles
Mega Aim – cycle 2000miles


So last year I had great aims that this year would be the the year that I took swimming lessons, Yeahhhhh that’s not going to happen because well I just don’t have that kind of money at all but I’d still like to keep up my swimming and use it as a good exercise to keep my ankle going.

Aim – swim 12 times this year
Mega Aim – swim 24 times this year

Super mega aim – actually go open water swimming again.


So on the 14th October I started a 10 week lifting block and WOW did I love it, as such I’m just going to keep going with it as long as I can afford it. I’m hoping that lifting weights will help my running and cycling.

I don’t have an aim in my lifting, I just want to get better and lift more.

I’m going to do everything I can do to hit these aims, so yeah hopefully I’ll be doing a weekly update from next week onwards woop woop.

P.s Photo from a 1 rep PB event, sadly didn’t manage a 130kg deadlift, boo, maybe this year?!

Update and Lifting

I never really know where to start with these things the last couple of months have been a horror from start to finish.

Just a couple of days after my last post my world felt like it was ending, my baby Joey went for a ball and went head over heels and compressed his spine. I’ll never ever forget the screech he made, it was awful and it meant that he had managed to paralyze himself in his rear. The next day we we’re on a boat to Liverpool for an emergency MRI, followed by an emergency surgery. Turned out he got better for one day then got worse so needed another MRI but thankfully no more surgery.

Because of his surgery and the way the world is at the moment we got stuck in Liverpool for two and a bit weeks working in Airbnb’s and trying not to go anywhere, which normally would of been ok but I spent the whole time stressed as no one but vets were allowed in the surgery office and I had to wait everyday for a phone call which could have been any time from 11am to 7pm at night and this was the only update on Joey that I got.

I cannot even express how bad my eating habits were before this because of the issue with how much the house is costing us (which we don’t have and we’re seriously stretched so thin), including the other half going through two rounds of redundancies, thank god he is still in a job and now the stress of how the f am I going to afford all this. To say junk food and takeaways have become my friend is no exaggeration.

I’m trying my hardest to be ok when I’m not and damn is it hard as fuck.

Yeah so that’s kinda where we are at the moment and I really, REALLY need to sort myself out, I’ve put on around 50lbs when I couldn’t afford to, I’ve not ran since Disney it feels, my cyclings suffering, everything is suffering.

Change needs to happen!

So during lockdown my other half sent me a message (he’s been amazing though all my breakdowns, panic attacks and just plain shouting and he decided it would be best for myself and Corrine to go away with Joey and he stayed at my parents while we self isolated), which was basically the lady who used to do the Lift like a Girl classes that I loved, Lisa, had started up her own gym and was doing a 10 week Lifting course which focused on Barbell Press, Deadlift and Squats.

I cannot tell you how much I looked forward to my Lift like a Girl class on Sunday and well weight/power lifting interests me to no end so of cause I joined and this week was my first week!

I am so thankful that I decided to do this 10 week course, I feel like I can actually start getting back to normal and you know, yes the world feels like it’s ending but I can still try my hardest to sort myself out.

Wednesday was my first class where we focused on squatting and I topped at 90kg which is amazing, I’m just, mind blown! When I say I was on cloud nine I was.

Friday was my second class of the week and we did Barbell Press and Deadlifts.

My Barbell Press was 35kg which is amazing, I still cannot believe that, especially as my arms are my weakest part and then it was onto my favourite Deadlifts!!

I love deadlifts!

So during Lift like a a Girl I was so happy to manage 60kg, I thought that was something! Yeah I blew that out of the park and did 110kg straight out the gate, boy, wow!! We tried three times to get to 120kg but I just couldn’t, I could get it half way but couldn’t locked out, guess that’s just the way it is.

Overall I am amazed and I know this is just what I needed to start to feel like myself.

Bring on next week!

Never have a day Zero

Hey, how are you? It’s a troubling time and I hope your ok.

It’s been a while and well in truth I didn’t feel like I was doing anything worthy of putting up here.

Yes I did Disney and oh my it was hard but I feel like I failed it because honestly I didn’t finish the whole thing. If you read anything up on this years Disney (2020) you’ll see that the marathon was cut short due to the temperature, humidity and the late start and whilst it was a manager decision I still feel like it’s a failed attempt. We’re hoping to go back in 2023, which brings me around about what this post is about.

Apart from the odd mile here and there I have not done anything since Disney and if we are honest before that. I’ve let myself go in the worst way and back to my overeating ways which in turn has ballooned my weight up to 20 stone again, I said I’d never be back at this weight but I’m so stressed and scared that I’m just eating my worries away.

None of this is getting me anywhere near any of my goals whether it’s the one to run a marathon, or the one to run an ultra, the ride a century or to ride around the TT course and my ultimate one to do an Ironman before I’m 40.

I kinda need to get my bum back in gear lol, so welcome to m6 new training diary. Everything cancelled at the moment (apart from Disney in September but I doubt we’ll open our border by then), so I’m not aiming for anything, though I’d love to run a 5K or longer for my birthday on the 24th June.

Now as my ultimate goal is an Ironman I’d be discussing with you about all the disciplines but no swimming pools are open and I’m not confident for sea swimming yet, so it’s just running and cycling at the moment.

I’ve been using Zwift for my cycling with our dumb trainer which I’ve been loving even if my coccyx hasn’t.

So this weeks aims are:

Cycling – 50 miles +

Running – a mile a day (I’ll be run/walking but I’ll be happy!)

Diet – drink 2 liters a day and 1800/2000 calories.

I’m also hoping to keep the No Zero Days mentality. My sister was telling me about it and after a good search I found it on reddit and the general pretense is to do one thing to work towards your goal everyday, however simple it is you will be working towards your goal. As my ultimate goal is an Ironman this is the one I’m working towards.

I hope your ready, this shit is about to get real!

2019 a year in review

So while I am trying not to panic over the Dopey and feel very very meh about everything in general. I’ve actually done really well up till the last couple of months and I know it’s because I’m not going out. Heyho here’s to next year!


On my sisters 39th we started to really think about whether we could do the Disney Dopey challenge and spent the day making lists, I also started to go to physio as I had bad pain in my hip.


In February we did our local Park Run’s 50th run, which was exciting and really cool. I also added more Pokemon onto my sleeve and went to my Lift Like a Girl class regularly.


Oh my I loved March not only were we on holiday to the other half’s parents which I love more than anything but it also was the Leicester 10K and the Coventry Half Marathon, whereas my first half was just pure rain this was super hot. You couldnt of got two halfs together which were so opposite. I also somehow managed to get a PB time for the 10K and also for the Half.


In April I cycled more than I had done in a while, over 120km to be exact and I loved it! I also managed to hurt my back by lifting way to much weight in LLAG which meant I missed out on the Easter Festival of Running, what I did do was marshall the whole event and cheered on my sister as loud as I could do.

We also scarily booked ourselves onto the Dopey Challenge for January 2020!


May was super busy and brought the sister power, not only with the Liverpool Springs but also with the Liverpool Run Rock’n’Roll races and OH MY GOD when I say that I loved both of them so much, I really mean it.

The Liverpool Springs was well managed, the medals were ace and we managed to do it all on a steal. If I had the holidays left I’d be doing it in 2020 and beyond.

Liverpool Run Rock’n’Roll was something else, this was my first major event. I thought there was a lot for the Liverpool Springs 10K but that didn’t prepare me for the Liverpool Run Rock’n’Roll Half Marathon. The expo was amazing and when everyone says the last few miles are killer because it’s along the river and boring as anything especially when you have a headwind, they are not lying. It was a horror!! And I’m doing it again in 2020!!! Cannot f’in wait!!!

We also did the Harbour to Harbour walk which I loved to bits and will hopefully be doing in 2020.

I also got reminded by Facebook that it was three years since I decided to kill my ankle off, and when I was running four races it was a lovely reminder to prove to myself I can do anything I put my mind to.


Birthday month June brought the Parish walk and I’m so glad I decided to just go for it. All those times I joined to do it and I never stepped foot on the finish line and to think this year I just did it no questions asked and not only did I do it, I loved it!! I’m going to be joining up again next year and aiming for Peel ekkkk.

June also brought BIKES BIKES BIKES, it was TT week so we spent a couple of days on the mountain watching them go past. I also bought this cute balance bike for our someday, one day child as I just couldn’t pass it up and it’s in great nick. It’s currently a really good ornament in our lounge at the moment lol.


July only feels like yesterday, I got out more on the bikes with Michael and braved a lot of trails that I normally wouldn’t of done. We also took a weekend trip away to check out the Kymin, we’d already booked without seeing it (as it fit my criteria) but as soon as we popped up I knew, KNEW it was a place that would have a place in my heart forever.

We also spent a day (where I got super sun burnt) watching the Plop Enduro. I’m hoping that in 2020 I can support the other half doing a race or two. If not 2020 then it will defiantly be 2021.


August was another busy month, we did a charity run with the pups then went away for a splash and dash to Dublin to do the Dublin Run Rock’n’Roll 5k, Half and the mile straight after the half, yes slightly mad. I didn’t get any PB’s but I didn’t go into the races for PB’s, I went into them for the fun! Dublin was just lovely, we all wished we had more time to look around.

There was also more bikes, YAY! We had MGP week over here, so once again we were up the mountain watching the bikes race past!


September started off watching more bikes, this time trails riding and falling in love with every single old school bike. We also supported the other half in his cycle around the TT course, which I’m really hoping to do in 2020 with him and maybe just maybe aim for 2 laps, we’ll see how my fitness is at the time.

The Isle of Man tried to do a world record for the most fairies in one place which we helped with (we didn’t get the record), we used the time to get to the place as a training run and I’ve never been beeped so much in my life, then again I don’t think most people expect to see two fairies running along the main roads lol!

We also spent the day watching the Isle of Man Extreme Triathlon. We got up super early to watch the swim event which didn’t happen but watched part of the cycle, the transition and part of the running.

This was also the time of discussions and putting it down properly that we would like to aim for an Ironman for my 40th!


Oh October you was filled with highs, I got married ekkk and lows, the Leicester Half was cancelled due to rain. I know we found another race to do and it was worth it, I just wish it was the Half ahhh well next year I’m going bigger and better by doing the full marathon hopefully. Why yes I am mad.


Oh my November kicked us in the butt, we did our longest milage so far 16 miles and my sister’s knee went annnnnnd that was the end of our training. We’ve been doing our best to maintain her knee and that’s really all we can do.

We also went to the IOM tri, track group a couple of times to get used to it all.

Oh and I went and did a really big thing, I interviewed for a job which I REALLY wanted and I got it! I am still in shock and just amazed.


December was a steady month.

We started going to Yoga for strength then got told they were stopping it in January, so no more of that, though they are changing it for another spin class so I guess that’s a silver lining.

We went to the Berlin Christmas Markets and I started using a GoPro instead of taking a million photo’s so expect something on YouTube maybe, well see.

I personally also found out the harm of not running these past two months in that I had to ask for an extender belt again. I’ve not had to have one of these for a long time and well it sucked, thankfully enough that I’ve got some big aims in 2020 because of it.

Overall 2019 was amazing, I did a lot of running and we went to a lot of places, I’m super excited to see where 2020 is going to take me!

Training Diary – Week 13, Panic stations

So let’s start with this, last Sunday we were supposed to run 20 miles to get back into our training program and well that didn’t work out. At all.

The other half got ill and sadly spent the weekend throwing up so the run just didn’t happen, one way or the other. What did happen was a great weekend of catching up with the NFL and drinking lots of coffee.

Also not working in our favour is that on our last run at mile 15ish Corrines knee went and she was in a lot of pain for the last mile and especially the walk after we finished running, so we decided just to give her knee more time to fix itself.

So my “training” said this week is supposed to go like this;

Week 13 11th – 17th November
Tue/Thur – 4 Mile Run
Saturday – Park Run
Sunday – Lift Like a Girl // 7 Miles

And this is actually what happen!

Monday 11th Nov 19
Yay our normal rest day and I went straight onto a diet. Mostly because I want to make the effort to lose some weight before we go away and mostly because I want to make it easier to run. So this morning I weighed myself in at 261 lbs.

Yeah not my heaviest and not my lightest. I did manage to get into the 240’s prior to Run rock’n’roll Liverpool and that’s where I ran my fastest times, so I’d like to get somewhere near there. Just means I’ve got some work to do!

Tuesday 12th Nov 19

On Tuesday I was supposed to run on the treadmill after work, mainly just to get my runs in. Wellll I was stupid and forgot my running shoes so the other half brought them in and I finished early like I was going to and we did around 5 Miles. It was tough but really good.

Wednesday 13th Nov 19
Yep nothing happened here!

Thursday 14th Nov 19

On Thursday, I was a very brave girl. I cannot remember what I was looking for but I managed to stumble onto the Triathlon Club page on the IOM and they were doing some winter training up on the outdoor track and well I went!

We did a dynamic warm ups, then 5×3 endurance running and then a cool down lap. I loved every minute of it, seriously and will be doing it every week I can! Makes me excited to see where I can progress. Also hopefully I can get to know some of the Tri people and see what they do for training.

Friday 15th Nov 19
Nothing happened lol

Saturday 16th Nov 19
Nothing happened again!

Sunday 17th Nov 19

Oh Sunday, how I wish you went a lot better. Turns out my sisters knee is fecked, I’m hoping it’s just an IT band thing and that with some physio she can get it fixed but I am freaking out around about now. We managed 10 miles before it gave in, 10 when it was supposed to be 20. I think if we managed 13 we might have been OK but only the world knows. We’ve now got 7 weeks left to make this worthwhile and I’m going to try everything I can do to make this happen.

Overall I can see that I need to do more on the days when I’m not doing anything even if it means I go back to the gym which is what I’m wanting to do, I also really want to go back to Lift Like a Girl as I miss it but with the long runs it’s sometimes really hard to do both.

Also I’ve started thinking about what I want next year to look like. I haven’t got long till the year creeps up on me and I really really want to have goals and aims to work towards other than my racing!

Anyhow here’s to next week and hopefully Corrine seeing a Physio!

I just signed up for an Ultra

Now every year I go away in March and October to the other half parents for two weeks, mainly to recharge more than anything.

Since I took up running thought, I have tried my best to find races at the same time so that I could recharge while also doing what I loved, running. Turns out there seems to be no races in March next year, or if there are I just cannot find them.

Ok tell a lie could do the Draycote 10K again but it would only be to beat my time and not for the medal as I have a sneaky suspicion that the medal is the same as the one I already have sadly, and well it wasn’t filling me with the excitement I normally get with a running race.

I did find another race though, the Swan Challenge and boy howdy, yeahhhhh I have ummed and arrhhed about this one.

So the idea is you have 6 hours to complete as many laps of the 3.2miles route. It’s a challenge against yourself. You can do one lap for a 5K, two for 10K, four for a half or 8 for a marathon.

Me I’m going to stupidly aim for 10, or more. Gotta put the or more in there because I will be doing everything in my power to get the more in lol.

It took me a long while to sign up because well I just didn’t think I could do it and well I still don’t think I can but I’m certain with some training (actual training) I’ll be able to do something amazing and well if not, it’s a challenge against myself noone else so it’s going to be exciting to see what I can do.

Draycote Water 10K – Race Report

I’ll start this one off with this is the first race I did in my married name! One day after we got married, I’m always grateful for the other half for putting up with me and my races! Now back onto the race report!

Now you probably already realised that the Leicester Half Marathon was cancelled due to flooding, which must of been drastic as last year the weather was horrendous and the race still went ahead.

I personally feel that they made the right decision if they felt that it wasn’t passable, as it was my sister had booked the weekend off and travelled all the way over from the Isle of Man just to race it with me. So I felt doubly bad with it not going ahead. We spent the day together which was lovely looking around the museum but it wasn’t what we originally wanted to do and well the weather was perfect so it made it feel even more of a meh day!

I already knew that my sister was going to be back for our wedding and was going to be here for a few extra days so I started to look for races within Leicester that were easy to get to and would add something good to our race portfolio.

The Draycote 10K seemed to do this, it was sold as “Warwickshire’s best kept secret for road runners, Draycote Water offers smooth, flat road with stunning reservoir and countryside views.”

I woke up on the 13th to the rain, a LOT of rain, oh dear. Now I knew it was supposed to be raining but I wasn’t expecting Leicester 2018 half marathon rain!

Travelling up to Draycote was actually more easier than I expected and only took us 45 minutes from Leicester, I was more surprised at how many people were in the car park as by now the rain was lashing it down! I meet up with my sister who had travelled up from the campsite in Wales and we got our race numbers (turns out now I’m a Porter I get a lower number than my sister!) and went for shelter till the race started.

The race started a couple of minutes early and we ran along side the water till it meet up with the main road then ran back around on the main road.

The two photo’s above were taken at the 2km point, the other half told us I had to check my watch when we past the 2km sign which we did. I was rather puzzled by this and once we had finished I asked the other half why we did this and he said that it was what all the fast racers were doing!! They must of been checking that they were on the pace they required!

I was already knackered by this point and could defiantly feel it in my chest, so I was just aiming to a) run it all as I have a problem with doing this during my training and b) just to do a time I would be happy with 1h 15 – 1h 20 was what I wanted. Not as quick as my PB but still at a pace I was happy with.

One day I’ll take a good finishing photo! My problem is that I’m already so knackered that when I’m sprinting it really is the last of my energy. Can’t quite help but make the pained faces, ah well at least I’m not fake in my emotions. As you can see I finished prior to my target which makes me very happy! My fastest 10K was 1h 9 so the fact I managed to do this one in 1h 14 makes me super super happy!

The course itself was very up and down with some of the hills being quite sharp, which was actually quite good for us this time around, only because I felt so bad with my chest that if it was just a flat run I’d probably given up way before the end. Only because the hills added a bit of variety.

I’m also really glad that it was only one lap too, God only knows what I would of done if it was more. You can also see how much I started to tire throughout the race as my pace was 11ish then went down to 12 and a half ish.

Randomly I normally run race starts at 10 something so I must of been feeling the chest straight from the start.

It turns out Draycote Water do these 10K’s almost every month so when I’m back in March I think if I don’t find anything else to do I would be tempted as even though I was knackered I did enjoy the run!