Little Trip – Day 3

Yay for day 3!

Oh I love this photo so much, it’s perfectly shows us three as we are naturally (sometimes!), me and Jess messing around while Corrine mother hens!

So day 3 started slow, we got up early to get breakfast, only place we could all agree on was McDonald’s, first time in years I’ve been there. Just how I remembered it though. Interesting fact, the breakfast hash brown things above are Vegan in the UK, no so much everywhere else!

Also we had to get a photo of Jess next to the Markle and Sparkle poster as she works in the M&S here!

The signs for us making the right choice of going to Copenhagen later on this year are all over the place,

I will forever love Bowie, especially in The Labyrinth which is my favourite movie ever, so getting a photo wiht this mural was a must.

The train back to Liverpool was great, we had a good natter with a bloke and his staffy who was the cutest ever, very well trained.

Happy to find a re-fillable water station in Liverpool Train Station, it worked a treat especially in the super hot weather.

Back to Down the Hatch for lunch, I might be slightly addicted!!! Really glad I don’t live around the corner as I’d be heavier than I am now. Super nomnom. I couldn’t manage all my seitan bites (ate way to much this weekend) so saved them for the boat. BTW the halloumi for starter was to die for!!

We went back to the health food store and picked up a couple of made on site juices for the boat.

Always always have to pop into Hotel Chocolate for a drink and a top up of chocolates, I didn’t see much that I wanted this time around which was a shame but the Coffee Hot Chocolate was on point.

Back onto the boat for the trip back home.

And back home!

Phew what a weekend!

Loved every minute of it.

I have to say on the Sunday even though I didn’t photo it we were inundated with marathon runners, and my oh my, my brain was ticking over with ideas and somehow on the boat trip home I managed to persuade both my sisters to join me next year and hopefully you will already see a post about this (if I’ve done it, fingers crossed). So excited (and scared) about the whole idea. I do feel like it might be the making of us though!

Only just another month and a bit before I’m back away, only for a day but cannot wait!!!

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