Packing Light, Moving Fast – Copenhagen


Travelling Light, moving fast is a term I have heard way way to many time but because I am an aspiring minimalist (doubt I will ever get there but it’s lovely to have dreams), I decided that I wanted to save money and only take hand luggage with me when we went on our recent trip to Copenhagen and not just any hand luggage my backpack which I would be using for the whole weekend.

Now I’m not going to say this was easy, not at all, if I just wanted to take my “normal” clothes then yes this would have been super easy but because I wanted to take my running clothes it was actually a lot harder, to be honest there was a lot that I wanted to take that I didn’t and a lot that I thought I would need and I didn’t. On the other side I took items which I thought I would need and didn’t. I guess it all adds up.

So onto what I actually took with me.

My normal clothing


So under the banner of my normal clothing you have my PJ’s (top and shorts), five pairs of knickers, one t-shirt and two pairs of socks. I was wearing my jeans, knickers, socks (not shown lol), bra and t-shirt to go. This was all I needed and with the way we were hand washing our clothing I actually didn’t need as many knickers, I could of gotten a way with two extra pairs just encase not the 5. Thankfully they didn’t take up any space at all.

My running kit


Ok this actually took up almost ALL of my backpack, there was A LOT! We have my sports bra, two tank tops, two socks, two pairs of workout pants, my salomon running vest and bladder pack, my Manx buff, my Brooks shoes, a few Honey Stinger energy gums and a few Honey Stinger Bars (a few not shown), My Zero Energy Drink and my Motivational Wraps (which I wore to travel with). All in all I’m still surprised I managed to pack everything but apart from the shoes everything was really easy to pack up small. My sports socks take up no space and so does my hydration vest. I only wore one top and one pair of the pants because we washed them every night so if I was going again (somewhere else) I would probably only pack one set if we were aiming to do washing.

Other Items


Other items I also took with me was my waterproof jacket and pants, I beleive in being prepared and I am glad I did as one day it was lashing it down and we could walk around whereas if we didn’t have our waterproof wear we would have gotten wet.

I always take a spare pair of glasses just encase, I’d hate to break my main pair and then not being able to see!! I also took my most recent gloves, just encase. I’m glad because one day it was quite cold in the morning.

Next up is my chargers one for my phone and one for my Garmin. I didn’t bring any other electronic items with me apart from my digital camera (which was already fully charged), I just took the newest Ultra magazine, and would if needed read any books on the kindle app on my phone.

The last photo shows how I travelled all my energy items, I bring this box and my coffee cup (you can see this in the first photo) with me where ever I go, this way if I want to buy something and they offer to give it to me in plastic I can offer up my tin. It’s just my way of trying to reduce my plastic while I’m away.

Well that’s it. I am still surprised that I fitted everything in and managed to have space to bring Chocolate Rye bread and a Starbucks mug home!

I am also a firm believer in the travelling light moving fast clan, it was just so nice not to have to wait around and to be able to get on and off the metro/train without having to worry about added baggage. It was also lovely in our AirBnB, everything had it’s place so we kept the area really tidy and it was so easy to find something. I think if we we’re in a small hotel room this would of been amazing. Nothing would of gotten in the way.

Looking forward to my next adventure when I will be doing this, sadly it’s not going to be for a while!!

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