Week 5 – “Now I know why it’s called the dreadmill”

Hey hey!

By golly can you believe that it’s week 5 already? Well I can and sadly I am so so far behind on my half marathon training it’s ridiculous!

So the last 4 weeks have been a horror for me, I managed to get the cold from hell which meant I just wasn’t going out running and when I was it was a mile at the worst speed ever. I did manage to get my Park runs in (with one volunteer week, hoping to do more this year) of which they were all in the 40 mins. Oh how upset that made me. Anyway after last week I gave up and went to the doctors again to only be told I’m super healthy and they gave me an inhaler to help with my breathing while I got over the “cold.”

I guess you can guess that after that my stubbornness decided it had, had enough and I went back to running! I found a 8 week running program and this week being week 1 was off Monday, 3 miles Tuesday, 4 miles Wednesday, 3 miles Thursday, off friday, 2-3 Saturday and 5 Sunday. I decided because I started my new job that the best way to managed this was to do it on the treadmill, plus it’s been super icy out and yeah with my ankle I’m a wimp lol!

Previously the only time I had ran on the treadmill was when we did around 15 minutes in the “gym” within the Birmingham apartments. Oh my it was 15 minutes of pure pain. Now though I do realise why the call it a dreadmill and I also realise I can actually go for over an hour. The hardest part is the fact your just running in one place, mostly the only thing to focus on is the treadmill screen which makes time go sooooooooo slowly. Seriously the first three miles I did were a horror, now though I did 65 minutes without anything ect e.g music. I guess it just takes time to get used to it, and used to it I need to be as I think next week will be all treadmill again. Only because I will be running during lunch and leaving work early to run.

After next week though I’ll have to see how the weather is as I will be moving from 3 miles to 5 miles on a weekday ekkk.

Overall this week I’m really really glad I got back into it and well Park Run on Saturday was done in 37.19mins almost just over a minute of my best time, so I know I’m on the mend. Really looking forward to seeing what next week brings.

Oh and as I’m sitting here and it’s Superbowl Sunday, GO RAMS!!!!!!!

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