Training diary w/c 10th August 2020

Hey, so how are you, I hope you are staying safe.

Everything is back to normal here, which is seriously strange when you hear about the news further afield, seriously strange. It’s still an uncertain time here because I know that if we get it again we’ll be back to square one and having to isolate in our homes and whilst I’m not to worried about it, the thought is scary.

Sooooo I decided to try and get my life back on track and use the no zero day’s mentality that I was talking about in my last post and am giving myself 12 weeks (to start) of training and dieting, in the hopes I can at least get a little bit of my form back.

I’m hoping that the world might be a bit safer next year and if it is it means that Run Rock’n’Roll Liverpool will be back on and I’d love to get a better time than my previous run and well if I could get a 2h 30m half in, oh my that would just be amazing.

To help me with the above and to keep me accountable I am going to start up a training diary of sorts, hopefully, we’ll see how we do.

Training diary 10th August to the 16th August 2020

Starting weight: 287.4lbs


I woke up early on Monday and decided to have a rest day, it was just so hot and I had Planning Committee so I thought it would be the best thing.


I decided on Tuesday to do a quick session on Zwift, it was way to hot to do anything more and well I’d already decided that I would cycle in on Wednesday so didn’t want to overdo anything.


No description available.

Wednesday was a lovely cycle into work, MacIntyre is currently broken (managed to break the crank last week) so have been using Cubbie to do the cycle in and out of work. I even managed to cut off 4 ish minutes from my fastest time and cycled in, in 55.08 minutes. Doubt I’ll manage it again, but so so happy with that time!

No description available.

On the way home Michael meet up with me which was a lovely surprise but we did go a different way home and by golly it killed me!

I also went for my first swim in the sea (ekkkk) but no photo’s of that to show you. It wasn’t much just 10 minutes but I thought 10 minutes was better than nothing!


No description available.

On Thursday I worked from home which worked out great because it meant at lunchtime I could go to the swimming pool, which was the first time since maybe October last year, it’s been a while that’s for sure.

I was actually really happy with the 30 minutes I swam and what I managed to do, which Strava is saying was 793yds. Ideally I’d like to get my swimming yardage up but till that happens I’m really happy with the small goals.


Friday was another rest day, way to hot!


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No description available.

Yesterday was great, the other half took me down south to look at a few places to swim, of which I decided to have a dip in Port St Mary bay. Managed 30 minutes which was great especially as I had to keep stopping to make sure I could touch the floor, turns out I’m not ready to swim the great big ocean yet! I did find that the swell was pushing me into the shore so got beached a couple of times but more than happy for that to happen that the other way around.


So that brings me to today, which is another rest day. Kind of a shame really because the weather is great to get out and about!

Overall I’m really happy with how the weeks gone, I didn’t manage to get out running but I’m hopeful next week week I can do, I’m also hoping to keep up the cycling and swimming!

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