Update and Lifting

I never really know where to start with these things the last couple of months have been a horror from start to finish.

Just a couple of days after my last post my world felt like it was ending, my baby Joey went for a ball and went head over heels and compressed his spine. I’ll never ever forget the screech he made, it was awful and it meant that he had managed to paralyze himself in his rear. The next day we we’re on a boat to Liverpool for an emergency MRI, followed by an emergency surgery. Turned out he got better for one day then got worse so needed another MRI but thankfully no more surgery.

Because of his surgery and the way the world is at the moment we got stuck in Liverpool for two and a bit weeks working in Airbnb’s and trying not to go anywhere, which normally would of been ok but I spent the whole time stressed as no one but vets were allowed in the surgery office and I had to wait everyday for a phone call which could have been any time from 11am to 7pm at night and this was the only update on Joey that I got.

I cannot even express how bad my eating habits were before this because of the issue with how much the house is costing us (which we don’t have and we’re seriously stretched so thin), including the other half going through two rounds of redundancies, thank god he is still in a job and now the stress of how the f am I going to afford all this. To say junk food and takeaways have become my friend is no exaggeration.

I’m trying my hardest to be ok when I’m not and damn is it hard as fuck.

Yeah so that’s kinda where we are at the moment and I really, REALLY need to sort myself out, I’ve put on around 50lbs when I couldn’t afford to, I’ve not ran since Disney it feels, my cyclings suffering, everything is suffering.

Change needs to happen!

So during lockdown my other half sent me a message (he’s been amazing though all my breakdowns, panic attacks and just plain shouting and he decided it would be best for myself and Corrine to go away with Joey and he stayed at my parents while we self isolated), which was basically the lady who used to do the Lift like a Girl classes that I loved, Lisa, had started up her own gym and was doing a 10 week Lifting course which focused on Barbell Press, Deadlift and Squats.

I cannot tell you how much I looked forward to my Lift like a Girl class on Sunday and well weight/power lifting interests me to no end so of cause I joined and this week was my first week!

I am so thankful that I decided to do this 10 week course, I feel like I can actually start getting back to normal and you know, yes the world feels like it’s ending but I can still try my hardest to sort myself out.

Wednesday was my first class where we focused on squatting and I topped at 90kg which is amazing, I’m just, mind blown! When I say I was on cloud nine I was.

Friday was my second class of the week and we did Barbell Press and Deadlifts.

My Barbell Press was 35kg which is amazing, I still cannot believe that, especially as my arms are my weakest part and then it was onto my favourite Deadlifts!!

I love deadlifts!

So during Lift like a a Girl I was so happy to manage 60kg, I thought that was something! Yeah I blew that out of the park and did 110kg straight out the gate, boy, wow!! We tried three times to get to 120kg but I just couldn’t, I could get it half way but couldn’t locked out, guess that’s just the way it is.

Overall I am amazed and I know this is just what I needed to start to feel like myself.

Bring on next week!

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