Hello 2021

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Golly 2020 hey, what a year, sometimes I’m amazed that even with everything that’s gone on that I’ve managed to come out at the other end with just about all my marbles, but boy has it been hard!

2021 is going to be a great year whether it wants to be or not, this year I want to hit my goals and come out of 2021 better than what I entered it, as such I’ve got to make goals to aim for.


First and foremost I want to get back into running, strange but true I really miss it. Never thought I’d say that. As I’ve been away for so long and put on so much weight I think starting with couch to 5k again is the best. Hopefully my running legs will catch up with me and I’ll be running before I know it, if I am then I’m going to add in the goal of running 500miles or if I’m super lucky actually managing 1000miles. To be honest I’d just be happy with running again.

Aim – run 500miles
Mega aim – run 1000miles


Secondly I’m wanting to get cycling a lot more regularly, Joey put a wee bit of a spanner in the works when it comes to cycling as I was at the point that I was cycling in and out of work a couple of times a a week (kinda 22mile round trip) and I wanted to continue this throughout winter. As it is I don’t think I’ve been cycling at all since Joey had his accident and I need to sort that out, even if it is on the turbo trainer. Plus I love McIntyre and really want to get using him again.

Aim – cycle 1000miles
Mega Aim – cycle 2000miles


So last year I had great aims that this year would be the the year that I took swimming lessons, Yeahhhhh that’s not going to happen because well I just don’t have that kind of money at all but I’d still like to keep up my swimming and use it as a good exercise to keep my ankle going.

Aim – swim 12 times this year
Mega Aim – swim 24 times this year

Super mega aim – actually go open water swimming again.


So on the 14th October I started a 10 week lifting block and WOW did I love it, as such I’m just going to keep going with it as long as I can afford it. I’m hoping that lifting weights will help my running and cycling.

I don’t have an aim in my lifting, I just want to get better and lift more.

I’m going to do everything I can do to hit these aims, so yeah hopefully I’ll be doing a weekly update from next week onwards woop woop.

P.s Photo from a 1 rep PB event, sadly didn’t manage a 130kg deadlift, boo, maybe this year?!

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