I just signed up for an Ultra

Now every year I go away in March and October to the other half parents for two weeks, mainly to recharge more than anything.

Since I took up running thought, I have tried my best to find races at the same time so that I could recharge while also doing what I loved, running. Turns out there seems to be no races in March next year, or if there are I just cannot find them.

Ok tell a lie could do the Draycote 10K again but it would only be to beat my time and not for the medal as I have a sneaky suspicion that the medal is the same as the one I already have sadly, and well it wasn’t filling me with the excitement I normally get with a running race.

I did find another race though, the Swan Challenge and boy howdy, yeahhhhh I have ummed and arrhhed about this one.

So the idea is you have 6 hours to complete as many laps of the 3.2miles route. It’s a challenge against yourself. You can do one lap for a 5K, two for 10K, four for a half or 8 for a marathon.

Me I’m going to stupidly aim for 10, or more. Gotta put the or more in there because I will be doing everything in my power to get the more in lol.

It took me a long while to sign up because well I just didn’t think I could do it and well I still don’t think I can but I’m certain with some training (actual training) I’ll be able to do something amazing and well if not, it’s a challenge against myself noone else so it’s going to be exciting to see what I can do.

OMG! What have I done

So myself and my sister’s have just come back from a really good long weekend of just eating food and not only have I put all the weight I lost back on (shock horror, need to get back into the saddle), but I’ve gone and done something stupidly stupid lol!


I must be bleeding mad!

Madder than the hills!

Super excited is what I really am!

We we’re in Liverpool on the Sunday to get the boat home and seen so many people who had run the Run Rock’n’Roll and well it made us dream, on the boat back we discussed the possibility of putting our names down, not even thinking. It was seeing that the pre-orders for tickets ended on the 27th and that the price was going to full price which forced our hands. If I hadn’t seen that I think we might of let it go to the wayside, as it is I’m so glad we didn’t as we’ll be doing this together!!

So just a wee bit of background since my ankle went to the dark side I’ve not ran anywhere let alone jogged. I won’t even jump!! Prior to my ankle going to the dark side I guess I could run for 5 minutes and maybe jog for 10, you’d be pushing it though!

We’re hoping (me and my big big sister/forever training partner) to start the couch to 5K on Tuesday and follow it through and then just slowly increase our own fitness. We’ll be taking our trainers when we go to Copenhagen and possibly the Christmas Markets with the hopes of running to work or back or both by March next year, that’s 11/12 miles each way.

So here goes to exciting times! I’m really looking forward to the challenge and making sure I document everything here!!